Country: France

Organization: French Federation of Psychologists and  Psychology (FFPP)

Current Positions:

  • Assistant Professor, UFR STAPS Dijon, University of Burgundy. In charge of the international relations commission.   
  • President  and founding member of the French National Association of Sport Psychologists (ANAPS) affiliated with the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology (FFPP). 
  • Project leader of the French Federation of Psychologists and Psychology “Functions of  the psychologist in sport, physical and corporal activities” and member of the extended federal department of the FFPP. 
  • Psychologist specialized in sport and extreme situations


Field of interest:

''The centers of my activities, both in research and in practice, are linked to psychological adaptation to constraining situations often described as extreme. More specifically, to affective (e.g., stress, emotions), cognitive (e.g., mental tasks, performance) and social variables (e.g., leadership, social cohesion, support, dyadic relations) involved in adjustment strategies and adaptive processes (e.g., coping, defence mechanisms) in situations of sport competitions, at very high altitudes, and in polar and space stations.''            


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