Action Plan

Annual Work Plan TF Sport Psychology 2012


1.     Collection of information on education, training and professional practice in sport psychology in Europe

Discussions raised during the first meeting of the TF (March 23, 2012 Brussels) underlined a lot of differences between the approaches of the Sport Psychology field in the professional and academic level in these countries.

Thus, it was decided that the presentations will be gathered, in an official text, presenting the education, training, supervision and organisations for sport psychologists in these different countries.

Deliverable: Documents of each member will be discussed during the next meeting of the TF in October 23, 2012. A common document will be created based on the material that was gathered by the members of the TF.

Deadline: September 2012

Priority: High

2.     Creation of an inventory of possibilities for capacity building and information sharing, and for raising the profile of European sport psychology

Creation of the sport psychology Task Force website: Short CV of each member will be gathered in the website of EFPA for the TF of Sport Psychology.  A model will be proposed to harmonize the presentation. This will facilitate exchanges between members and potential collaborations.

The mailing list of EFPA which includes all e-mails of members of the TF was decided to be the official way of communication.

3.     Suggestions regarding improvements in the education and training of sport psychologists

Based on the previous documents on education, training and professional practice in sport psychology in Europe, suggestions will be made in order to improve the formation of sport psychologists in Europe.

4.     Suggestions regarding promising lobbying activities and/or funded projects with the European Commission.

The TF Sport Psychology webpage and the mailing list will facilitate the potential proposals for projects with the European Commission.

5.     Meetings      

The second meeting is planned for November, 2012 and will take place in Brussels.

The third meeting will take place in Stockholm during the congress in July 2013.