Minutes of Fifth TF Sport and Exercise Psychology Meeting

TF Sport and Exercise Psychology

Sixth Meeting and General Assembly

October 30 2015 Lisbon


Portuguese Professional Association of Psychologists Head Office




1.    Opening, welcome and introduction

Michel Nicolas (Convenor) opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. At the beginning of the 6th meeting of the Task Force Sport Psychology, Pedro Almeida was thanked for its invitation and organisation. The agenda was presented with a powerpoint presentation and was opened to suggestions from all members and participants.


The following members were present: Cristina Baldasarre (Switzerland), Pedro Almeida (Portugal), Christopher Willis (Austria), and Michel Nicolas (France), plus Portuguese sport psychologists.


Agenda included the below three main points:

1.  The Document on the situation of sport psychology in Europe: Collection of information on education, training and professional practice in sport psychology in Europe.

2.  The Proposal for the Criteria of the Europsy certification in sport.

3.  The date and location of the next meeting in spring 2016.


First, the assembly decided to still change the name of the Task Force to Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology in order to take into account not only sport competition and elite athletes but also exercise and physical activities and its effects on psychological well-being. In addition, adding performance will broad the domain of activity and open to other population and professions that demand excellence in psychomotor performance (i.e., performing arts, surgery, firefighting, law enforcement, military operations, extreme situations (e.g., space, polar, high altitude) etc.).


2.    Document on the Situation of Sport and Exercise Psychology in Europe

The goal of this document is to:

1.    Collect information on the education, training, supervision, professional practice and organizations in sport psychology in Europe;

2.    Suggest improvements in the education and training of sport psychologists;

3.    Propose criteria for a Europsy certification in sport and exercise psychology.


The plan proposed by the convenor in a previous meeting was further discussed by all the members and it was agreed to keep this template which was completed by further questions. This plan was suggested in order to have a common framework that facilitates the collection and the writing of the document.

This template will be sent to all the members to complete or to write their document according to the precise guideline (see attached file). We decided to collect all the documents before the end of the year in order to propose a draft next year and discuss it during our next meeting.

Here are the previous points discussed during the preceding meeting in Brussels.

The TF agreed on the following points:

·      There should be focus on the psychologists specialized in sport field (discuss on the mainstream psychology only if related to sport psychology).

·      The specificities of the psychologists compared to the other practitioners in sport settings (mental coach) should be mentioned.

·      The criteria of Europsy for the suggestions to improve the education and training of psychologist exercising in sport field should be followed.


Thus, the main chapter will examine:

1.    Country structure

2.    Education

3.    Training

4.    Practise

5.    Organisations

6.    Suggestions of improvement

7.    Suggestions of criteria for a Europsy certification in Sport and Exercise Psychology


The secretary of the TF, Thalia Panayi kindly proposed to merge all the documents sent by the TF members in a common documents by the end of November.


3.    Proposal for the implementation of EuroPsy Specialist Certificate in Sport Psychology

Then, we discussed on the main point of this meeting, the EuroPsy Specialist Certificate in Sport Psychology. Christopher Willis proposed a very good draft where some points remained to discuss: the minimum volume and the content of further studies, the minimum number of hours of the supervised practice, the minimum number of hours for supervision, the double counting of academic studies, the conditions for grand parenting, and the renewal of the certification.

The assembly decided unanimously these criteria according mainly to the feasibility, the costs and the possibility for the young practitioners to candidate. All these decision will be kindly summarized by Christopher and will serve as a guideline and a basis for the specialist certificate EUROPSY in Sport Psychology. Then, the new proposal will be sent by the end of November to all the members of the TF for a last revision and then will be send to EFPA board.


4.    Place and calendar of meetings in 2016

During the meeting, members’ of the Task Force discussed the potential places and dates for the upcoming meeting, in accordance with the working plan and deadlines of tasks for the team.

Given that the important tasks, it was decided to organize a meeting in spring. All the proposition are welcomed to held the next assembly of the TF.

Please let us know if you want to organise the next meeting.


The goals will be to work on the document on the Situation of Sport and Exercise Psychology in Europe and the next steps of the Europsy certification but also to propose different topics for proposals for common European projects. Some proposals were discussed:

·      Evaluation of interventions in sport psychology,

·      Professional supervision for young sport psychologists (how to become a “good” practitioner?) related to the Europsy criteria.


Proposals for this new main goal of the TF are expected to share our competencies both at a theoretical and a practical levels.


5.    Closure

The convenor thanked the participants for attending the meeting and closed the 6th meeting at 3.00pm after the lunch.


6.    Sport Psychology European Conference

Claire-Marie Roberts, Pedro Almeida and Michel Nicolas of the TF presented communications about the role of a psychologist in sport and stressful situations and the advances in the Europsy certification.


This European Conference dedicated to sport psychology was organized the day after the general assembly of the TF sport psychology during the Portuguese European semester.