Minutes of Second TF Sport Psychology Meeting

Second Meeting of the TF Sport Psychology


November 9, 2012 Brussels

EFPA Head Office: 11.00 am to 3.00 pm




1.    Opening, welcome and introduction

Michel Nicolas (Convenor) opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. During the 2nd meeting of the Task Force Sport Psychology the agenda was presented and it was opened to suggestions from all members-participants.


The following active members were present: Christoph Willis (Austria); Ksenija Bosnar (Croatia); Helena Sukova (Czech Republic); Satu Kaski (Finland); Michel Nicolas (France); Henning Plessner (Germany); Marco Guicciardi (Italia); Paul Wylleman (FEPSAC); Irina Simonenkova (Latvia).


Agenda included the below, three main points:

1) The Document of the situation of sport psychology in Europe: Collection of information on education, training and professional practice in sport psychology in Europe.

2) The Presentation of Europsy.

3) The proposal of a symposium for the next EFPA congress in Stockholm in July 2013.


The documents uploaded in the website of the TF Sport Psychology including a short CV of all members, the action plan and the minutes from the meetings were presented with greetings to Evangelia Kontogianni, the Secretary of the TF, who is in charge of this task.


Furthermore, there was a discussion concerning potential participants. It was agreed that, in order to have members representing all countries/members of EFPA:

If there is interest from potential members to participate in the Task Force Sport Psychology, they should send an official e-mail from their organization for their nomination to the following e-mail: valerie.boni@efpa.eu


2.    Situation of Sport Psychology in Europe

The convenor proposed a base for the planning of the document about the situation of sport psychology in Europe. Each member added some points and suggested some modifications related to the specificity of each country.

The TF agreed on the following points:

·      There should be focus on the psychologists specialized in sport field (discuss on the mainstream psychology only if related to sport psychology).

·      The specificities of the psychologists compared to the other practitioners in sport settings (mental coach) should be mentioned.

·      The criteria of Europsy for the suggestions to improve the education and training of psychologist exercising in sport field should be followed.


Thus, the main chapter will examine:

1.    Country structure

2.    Education

3.    Training

4.    Practise

5.    Organisations

The common plan will be proposed to each member, in order to have common frameworks that facilitate the collection and redaction of the document.


3.    The Presentation of Europsy

The EFPA site of Europsy has been screened, to present the site and how to register to Europsy. We insisted on the specificities of each countries and the interest to present them in the document of the situation of the sport psychology in Europe. However, the certification is attributed according the national organisations taking into account these specificities.


4.    Proposition of the symposium of the task Force Sport Psychology

A roundtable ensured us that we were enough to present a symposium. The FEPSAC has already organised another symposium still opened. We have to adapt the topic of the symposium proposed by the TF to not overlap. The topic has to be precised. However an idea about the diversities of the activities of a psychologist in the field of sport and exercise emerged. Proposal will be sent before the deadline (15/12/2012).


5.    Place and calendar of meetings in 2013

During the meeting, members’ Task Force discussed the potential places and dates for the upcoming meetings, in accordance with the working plan and deadlines of tasks for the team. The third meeting will take place in Stockholm during the congress in July 2013 or perhaps in spring depending on the proposals and the necessity to meet each others. Suggestions are welcome.


6.    Closure

The convenor thanked the participants for attending the meeting and closed the 2nd meeting at 3.00pm.


The list of participants of the Task Force Sport Psychology (attached)






Christoph Willis



Ksenija Bosnar


Czech Republic

Helena Sukova



Satu Kaski



Michel Nicolas ©



Henning Plessner



Marco Guicciardi



Irina SimonenKova



Enrique Canton-Chirivella



Cristina Baldasarre



Sergey Leonov



Aleksander Veraksa


EFPSA (Greece)

Evangelia Kontogianni



Paul Wylleman


© = convenor



Italic = Corresponding member






TOTAL Active



Total Corresponding