Minutes of Third TF Sport Psychology Meeting

Third Meeting of the TF Sport Psychology


July 11 2013 Stockholm

Stockholmsmässan, ECP congress




1.    Opening, welcome and introduction

 Michel Nicolas (Convenor) opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. At the beginning of the 3rd meeting of the Task Force Sport Psychology, the agenda was presented and was opened to suggestions from all members and participants. The new member Ross Hall was introduced to all present members and there were also two attendants from Ukraine and Sweden who expressed their interest to join the TF.


The following active members were present: Ksenija Bosnar (Croatia); Marco Guicciardi (Italia); Irina Simonenkova (Latvia); Ross Hall (United Kingdom) and Michel Nicolas (France) and two attendants: Georgiy Korobeynikov (Ukraine) and Erwin Aptizsch (Sweden).


Agenda included the below, three main points:

1.  Comments about our first symposium which was presented in the morning followed by the proposal of a symposium for the next IAAP congress in Paris in July 2014.

2.  The Document on the situation of sport psychology in Europe: Collection of information on education, training and professional practice in sport psychology in Europe.

3.  The location and date of our next meeting.


The presentation of each member was followed by a discussion concerning the two attendants, which are potential members of the TF. In agreement with the applicants from Ukraine and Sweden, an email was sent to the EFPA head office, at Valerie Boni, who will send them the registration process depending on their official nomination by their organization.


1.      Symposia

ECP Symposium in Stockholm: Despite the absence of Michal Safar without any explanations, all the presentations were realised in front of a quite important audience. We agreed that the multiplicity of the interventions that a psychologist can realise in sport was well represented by the different presentations which also involved a better knowledge of each others.  

ICAP symposium in PARIS 2014: we decided to try to propose a new symposium of the EFPA TF Sport Psychology in the next congress of IAAP in Paris next year. A roundtable ensured us that we were enough to present a symposium. The idea about the diversities of the activities of a psychologist in the field of sport and exercise seems to be still interesting. The difficulty was that the deadline was four days later and therefore we immediately communicated this with the rest of the members of the TF.


2.    Situation of Sport Psychology in Europe

The plan proposed by the convenor in a previous meeting was further discussed by all the members and it was agreed to keep this template. This plan was suggested in order to have a common framework that facilitates the collection and the writing of the document.

Several members have already sent their document concerning their country. We decided to collect all the documents before the end of the year in order to propose a draft next year and discuss it during our next meeting. A recall should be sent to all the members with the former documents sent as an example.

Here are the previous points discussed during the preceding meeting in Brussels.

The TF agreed on the following points:

·      There should be focus on the psychologists specialized in sport field (discuss on the mainstream psychology only if related to sport psychology).

·      The specificities of the psychologists compared to the other practitioners in sport settings (mental coach) should be mentioned.

·      The criteria of Europsy for the suggestions to improve the education and training of psychologist exercising in sport field should be followed.


Thus, the main chapter will examine:

1.    Country structure

2.    Education

3.    Training

4.    Practise

5.    Organisations

6.    Suggestions of improvement


This last chapter concerning suggestions of improvement is one of the most important and has to be developed. A draft of few pages (3-5) is expected by the end of December. Some of the documents already written can be improved according to the new recommendations made by the TF during the meeting.

This document can also be the basis for the specialist certificate EUROPSY in Sport Psychology.


3.    Suggestions regarding funded projects with the European Commission:

One member of the TF from Austria, Christopher Willis, proposed and shared a project with the TF abouta prevention programme launched by The European Union (EAC/S03/2013) designed to protect young top athletes “Protecting athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions.” This prevention programme is designed to protect young athletes against overtraining and burn out, lack of recovery, use and abuse of performance enhancing drugs and sexual abuse. The project title is “My Life – My Way”. All TF Members were informed via e-mail. However, the very short time to answer is quite constraining.


4.    Place and calendar of meetings in 2014

During the meeting, members’ of the Task Force discussed the potential places and dates for the upcoming meeting, in accordance with the working plan and deadlines of tasks for the team. If the symposium in Paris is accepted, and in order to reduce the costs, the participants suggest to hold the next meeting during the congress in Paris as for this present meeting. If not, Christopher Willis proposed to gather the TF in Vienna which seems a good idea according to several members. Few dates are proposed: the 9th of May or the 30th of May. We have to decide before the end of the year. Of course, all suggestions are welcome.


5.    Closure

The convenor thanked the participants for attending the meeting and closed the 2nd meeting at 1.30pm.


The final list of participants’ Task Force Sport Psychology






Christoph Willis



Ksenija Bosnar


Czech Republic

Helena Sukova


EFPSA (Greece)

Evangelia Kontogianni



Paul Wylleman



Satu Kaski



Michel Nicolas ©



Henning Plessner



Marco Guicciardi



Irina SimonenKova



Enrique Canton-Chirivella



Cristina Baldasarre



Sergey Leonov



Aleksander Veraksa


United Kingdom

Ross Hall


© = convenor



Italic = Corresponding member





TOTAL Active



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